(Zachary and Scott Vader running full temperature tests on an early version of the jet for our electromagnetic LMJP print head)

Direct to Metal Printing: The Do-er                             

In 2011, Economist Larry Summers proposed a thought experiment to a group of UC Berkeley students involving a machine that he named the "Do-er." The Do-er was capable of creating any good or providing any service. Summers' had a dark take on how a machine with such capability would shape the future. Summers' believed that only those able to build or program the Do-ers would be prosperous and all other laborers would be useless in the face of a machine that can do it all. At Vader Systems, we believe that direct to metal printing is the first step to a future of Do-ers--however, the future that we envision is much brighter. 
Liquid Metal Jet Printing (LMJP) is a progressive form of 3D printing (also referred to as additive manufacturing). Using a head much like that of an ink jet on a paper printer, the machine lays down droplets  in layers of molten aluminum that build up gradually. At the end of the process, an object of great complexity can be created with no labor and no energy on the part of the maker. This innovation eliminates having to choose between cost and functionality. This is the Do-er that we're creating at Vader Systems, and it's here that our dream diverges from Summers'. 
We believe in accessibility, functionality and low cost. Any man should be capable of programming our Do-er. By ensuring low cost and high quality, the jobs of the corporate, industrial and hobbyist will be simplified by an outstanding product that saves time, material and money. Through education, simple programming, and affordable machines, our Direct to Metal printer will be not only a tool of the corporate world, but also of the common man.