Our Mission

(Zachary and Scott Vader running full temperature tests on an early version of the jet for our electromagnetic LMJP print head)


Vader Systems is dedicated to commercializing high volume, low cost metal additive manufacturing using our proprietary technology called MagnetoJet Printing.


Our printer uses a single nozzle, drop on demand, high temperature metal printhead on a precision motion platform.  It is capable of dispensing 500 um molten aluminum droplets at 1000 Hz for a build rate of 1 lb per hour.


We believe we are the world's first commercial molten metal 3d inkjet printer manufacturer.


Currently, Vader Systems is in the R&D phase of their first printer, with plans to:


1) Complete R&D of the liquid metal jet process by making parts with our prototype and having the parts qualified by a third party in 2015.


2) Complete our pre-production Mark 1 prototype by Fall of 2015.